Trans-National Masterclass

What is the COHT Masterclass?

Since 2016, the University of Lethbridge's Centre for Oral History and Tradition (COHT) and Oral History at Plymouth University have collaborated on the organization of a Transatlantic, and transnational, Web Masterclass.   This is a joint session featuring research-based presentations; the format technologically links University scholars and students across the Atlantic from a classroom in the North American Prairies in Lethbridge, Alberta, CA to those in classroom in the coastal town of Plymouth, UK.  Each Transatlantic Masterclass features the research of two to four faculty scholars (one or two in each classroom) who present on a topic relevant to theories and methods of oral history or based on recent research that employs oral history interviews. Presentations are followed by a question and answer session. 

Upcoming Masterclass:

Trans-National Masterclass in Oral History - March 2020 (B716, University of Lethbridge)

"From Stage to the Screen? An Oral History of Selling Nakedness in Devon, 1984 - 2016" by David Angeles (ResM History, University of Plymouth)
"The Effects of Settler Colonialism in Hawai'i, 1941 - 2000" by Emily Hough (ResM History, University of Plymouth)
"Go Between: Oral History and the Navigation of Japanese-White Cross-Cultural Experience in Inter-racial Marriages" by Elaine Toth (MA, University of Lethbridge)
"There is an island between China and Japan known as Okinawa" by Darcy Tamayose (MA History, University of Lethbridge)

Program:  Masterclass Program 2020 final.pdf
Readings: Aoki 2020 Remembering The English.pdfCardina To Talk or Not to Talk.pdf

Past Masterclasses: 

Trans-National Masterclass in Oral History - May 2019


"Memory and change: the 1918-19 influenza pandemic in Ireland" by Dr. Ida Milne (Carlow College, Republic of Ireland)
"What is an Epidemic? Influenza, Memory and Oral History" by Dr. Esyllt Jones (University of Manitoba, Canada)

Trans-National Masterclass in Oral History - October 2017


"Different to what's come before?: Archiving and sharing ephemeral LGBT histories with the next generation" by Dr. A. Butler (Plymouth University)
"Inheritance as Active Practice: Meaning Making and Social Intimacies in Southern Alberta" by Dr. S. Lenon (University of Lethbridge)

Trans-National Masterclass in Oral History - December 2016


'Conditioned NOT to Talk' by Dr. J. D. Mackintosh (Plymouth University)
'Stiff Upper Lip' by Dr. J. Harrold (Britannia Royal Naval College)