About the COHT


The COHT seeks to further excellence in the practice of oral history in our academic community and in the southern Alberta community at large. COHT will aid researchers when they synthesize, catalyze and develop their research into new ideas; identify, establish and assist projects undertaken in southern Alberta in general; and provide a portal or link to the outer research world.

Objectives and Activities

  • To support specific oral history projects from their inception through their completion
  • Provide instruction and assistance to those undertaking oral history projects
  • Inform the community of the benefits and opportunities in oral history research
  • To assist in archiving oral histories of southern Alberta so that they may be preserved and maintained
  • To act as a portal for the dissemination of oral histories to researchers
  • Encourage and support university courses that provide instruction in doing oral history
  • Offer workshops and other occasional programs to assist those who have undertaken specific oral history projects