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The President’s Award for Service Excellence is awarded annually to University of Lethbridge employees in recognition of the provision of exceptional service to the University of Lethbridge and members of the University community. Typically, one award is given to an AUPE/ESS employee and one award is given to an APO/Executive Director employee. An additional Team award can also be considered through the nomination and selection process. Award recipients will be honored at the annual Long Service Awards and Retirement Recognition Ceremony.

President's Award for Service Excellence recipients will receive:

- A certificate of recognition for the employee or each team member.

- A monetary award of $1000.00 for the employee or team to be deposited into a separate professional supplement account for training or other items covered under the professional supplement program and used within the professional supplement program established guidelines.


Guidelines for nominations

The purpose of this award is to provide annual recognition of an employee or team who made an outstanding contribution to the mission of the University through:

• The provision of exceptional service to staff, faculty, students, alumni, donors or visitors;
• The identification of measures that contribute to the improved efficiency and/or effectiveness of University operations; or
• Contributions to the community or the University, which enhance the reputation of the University.

All permanent or term (part-time or full-time), APOs, Executive Directors, AUPE Support Staff and Exempt Support Staff members who have continuous service of at least three years are eligible for nomination. Staff members retiring in the year of the award are not eligible for nomination. The Exempt Support Staff members are included with the AUPE members for the purpose of this program.

Nominations are to be made on The President’s Award for Service Excellence Nomination Form available on the Awards website:

Nominator: The Nominator must be an employee or student at The University of Lethbridge who has known the employee or team and of their performance and contribution for at least three years.

NOTE: Nominators may be involved in the nomination of only one Nominee in any given year.

References: A signed narrative for each of the supporting references is to be attached to the nomination. A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 references in addition to the nominator are required.

*One of the references must be from outside of the immediate working area of the nominee

Confidential: Please note that nominations for the President’s Award for Service Excellence are confidential, and there should be no contact between the nominator and the nominee or the referees and the nominee. Unsuccessful nominations will be kept on file for consideration for two years.

• Nominations must be received by the President’s Office no later than the deadline set out in the call for nominations – typically the middle of March following the applicable year.
• The Nominator must indicate whether the nomination is for an employee or a team, and must attach a signed, supporting letter no longer than two pages.
• Each nomination must further be supported by a minimum of two, and not more than four, references who must submit their signed references as required with the nomination form.
• Position and contact information for the Nominator and all references must be clearly indicated and must reference the name of the employee or team being nominated.

A Review Committee will consider individual, or team nominations based on the criteria listed below. A team’s overall performance and contribution must be identified, and each team member’s integral role should be demonstrated. Among the factors considered by the Committee will be:

Enhancement of University Reputation
• What has the nominee done that enhances the reputation of the University?
• Are they a good ambassador for the U of L, both internally and externally?
• If you called a contact inside and outside of the University, what would they say?
• Does the nominee volunteer outside of normal work hours?
• Does their schedule permit volunteerism?

Provision of Excellent Service
• What sets the nominee apart from co-workers?
• Is the nominee consistently going above and beyond position?
• Is the nominee well known both internally and externally for providing excellent service?

Demonstrated Innovation
• Has the nominee developed innovative ideas and put these forth?
• Have any of these innovations been implemented?
• Is the nominee the “go to” person who either answers questions or finds the answer for you?

Breadth & Depth of Impact
• Does the nominee have the ability to impact others? If so, have they taken any initiative to broaden their scope? Internally and externally?
• How does the nominee make a difference to their department? And other departments?

Strength of References
• What do the references say about the nominee?
• Do the references mention interactions with co-workers? Is the nominee well thought of?
• How does the nominee’s work make a difference to co-workers?

The Committee will develop a ‘short list’ consisting of no more than five nominees (for each employee group) whose contributions were, in the committee’s view, the most significant.

As nominations are carried forward for one year, nominees will NOT be notified of their nomination. However, nominators WILL be notified if their nominee was successful or not prior to the announcement of recipients.

1. The President’s Office will coordinate and provide administrative support to the process.

2. Review Committee
     a. The Review Committee is comprised of:
          • Two AUPE Support Staff members appointed by AUPE Support Staff.
​          • Two APO staff members appointed by Administrative Professional Staff
​          • One Exempt Support Staff member appointed by Exempt Support Staff.
​          • President’s Office representative as non-voting Chair (Director, Office of the President).

     b. For each group of appointees, each member will serve a three-year appointment.

     c. Appointed or elected committee staff members must have been University staff members for at least three years.

     d. Committee members must resign if they become nominees or nominators.

     e. The Review Committee reserves the right to interview the nominators or immediate supervisors of all the Nominees.

The Review Committee reports directly to the President and provides a recommendation containing a summary of the committee’s deliberations and rationale. The President, after consultation with President’s Executive, will make the final decision.



AUPE 2023 Recipient

Crystal Volk

Crystal is an integral part of the Student Affairs team who’s always willing to lend a hand and is highly organized, proactive, energetic, enthusiastic and unfailingly reliable

APO 2023 Recipient

Cathy Kanashiro

A true resource for the University, Cathy takes her duties seriously and always has its best interests in mind. She puts the needs of the University first and provides experienced advice.

Team 2023 Recipient

Communications, Marketing, and Government Relations

This team brings together communications, public relations, marketing, graphic designers, digital and government relations professionals, and exemplifies the phrase, “we are stronger together.”



Recipients 2003 - 2023

2003 Debi Sandul (APO)
2004 Sharon Stevenson-Ferarri (AUPE), Terry Kirkvold (APO)
2005 Catherine Ross (AUPE), Peter Haney (APO)
2006 Penny Secretan (AUPE), Carrie Takeyasu (APO)
2007 Carl Budney (AUPE)
2008 Teresa Heyburn & Lynn Hopkins (AUPE Team), Jane Allan (APO)
2009 Naomi Cramer (AUPE), Charlene Janes (APO)
2010 Cal Toth (APO), Kim Fowler (AUPE), Major Building Construction Team: Brian Sullivan, Bill Hudgins, Jason Baranec, Jason Federkeil, Will Tietz, Dan Sullivan, Jim Vanderzee, Rick Baceda and Al Mueller (TEAM)
2011 Jamie Chinn (APO), Calgary Campus Administrative Team (AUPE): Kelly Reid, Dana Corbin, Kristin Galicia, Ghazia Kirn
2012 Kathleen Schrage (APO) & Linda Sebastian (AUPE)
2013 Barbara Williams (APO), Barbara Hodgson (AUPE), Printing Services Team: Greg Martin, Tyler Hayward, Fiona Randle, Kim Selk, Judy Westcott, Murielle Guitard, Diane Layng, and Jeanette Leusink (TEAM)
2014 Steve Craig (APO), Margaret Cook (AUPE), Conference and Event Services Team: Erin Crane and Melissa Wiebe (TEAM)

Isabelle Gauthier (APO/ESS), John Kometz (AUPE), Dean's Office Arts & Science Admin Team: Linda Gilbert, ChiChi Cameron and Kim Skura. (TEAM)


Aaron Tamayose (APO/ESS), Jadranka Smiljanec (AUPE), Rosemary Howard (AUPE), Teaching Centre Team: Jill Payant, Bernie Wirzba, Victoria Holec, John Kometz, Alyssa Di Rocco, Tyler Heaton, Brad Reamsbottom, Glenda Martens, Todd Doucette, Doug Orr, Jeff Meadows and Dave Hinger (TEAM)


Heather Rowland (APO) & Bev Garnett (AUPE)


Nancy Pastoor (APO), Leanne Wehlage-Ellis (AUPE) & Caretaking (TEAM)

2019 Jon Oxley (APO), Chris Morris (AUPE) & Institutional Analysis Team: Mandy Moser, Darlene Unrau, Jon Kozub, James Croil (TEAM)
2020 Catharine Reader (APO), Ron Schreiber (AUPE)
2021 Jeff Meadows (APO), Josh Lindemann (AUPE) & Animal Care Services Team: Isabelle Gauthier, Karen Dow-Cazal, Moira Holley, James Cazal, Carla Navratil, Erin Falkenberg, Holly Shepherd, Shamsuddin Mamun, Molly Tilley, Eric Stock , Lauren Zink (TEAM)

Kali McKay (APO), Rebecca Gray (AUPE) & Faculty of Education's Student Program Services and Field Experiences: Nicole Spence, Jaime Iwaasa, Kyra Svrcek, Kelly Vaselenak, Suzanne Atkinson, Brenda Bell (TEAM)

2023 Cathy Kanashiro (APO), Crystal Volk (AUPE) & Communications, Marketing, and Government Relations (TEAM)