Key to the University of Lethbridge

At the University of Lethbridge, the act of giving a key is symbolic in nature. This practice dates back at least to medieval Europe, when admission into a city was hampered by many legal restrictions, as well as by walls and locked gates. The recipients are chosen at the discretion of the President and the key signifies the outstanding contributions that have been made to support the University of Lethbridge.

Recipients of a Key to the University of Lethbridge include:

Kurt Schlachter, Board of Governors Chair

Janice Varzari, Chancellor

Marmie Hess, Friend

Gord Jong, Board of Governors Chair Emeritus

Shirley McClellan, Chancellor Emeritus

Robert J. Turner, Board of Governors Chair Emeritus

Richard Davidson, Chancellor Emeritus

Val and Flora Matteoti, Friends

Tony Rose and Rocco Sirriano, Friends

Robert Tarleck, Former Mayor of Lethbridge

Rick Casson, Former MP Lethbridge

Ed Stelmach, Former Alberta Premier

Rick Casson, Former MP Lethbridge, Spring Convocation 2010