Parent Guide: Student Teachers in Your School

The University's Commitment

The future depends on the next generation of teachers. The Faculty of Education is proud that our graduates readily find teaching positions in Alberta and throughout the world.

The University of Lethbridge Faculty of Education teacher preparation program is known for its extensive field-based components. Students receive almost 30 weeks of practical classroom experience in a broad range of schools from rural to urban and elementary to secondary.

The School's Commitment

School staff take pride in their contribution and commitment to the University of Lethbridge Faculty of Education teacher preparation program.

Student Teachers may be assigned to an individual Teacher Associate or a team of teachers . At all times, Student Teachers work under the supervision of their Teacher Associate as well as a University Consultant from the Faculty of Education.


Practicum Overview

Education 2500
This course lays the foundation of the Field Experience program for those considering applying for admission to the Faculty of Education. Through 60 hours of observing and assisting, students are introduced to the classroom environment and explore their potential as future educators.

Professional Semester I (PS I)
PS I includes 8 weeks of on-campus courses, followed by a 5-week classroom practicum that focuses on lesson planning, observing, assisting the teacher, and teaching classes. Student Teachers develop their teaching and classroom management skills.

Professional Semester II (PS II)
PS II includes 7 weeks of on-campus courses, followed by a 6-week classroom practicum that focuses on planning and teaching instructional units. Emphasizing teaching in one's subject major, the Student Teacher learns effective ways to teach in their areas of interest and expertise.

Professional Semester III (PS III)
Intern Teachers spend 15 weeks full time in a school placement teaching, engaging in professional study, and participating in all school-related activities. The Intern Teacher works with a Mentor Teacher – a supportive colleague who shares their experience, knowledge, and expertise as the Intern Teacher becomes a fully qualified professional educator.

Typically, pre-service teachers bring new ideas and tremendous enthusiasm to their teaching. We are confident your child will benefit from having a Student Teacher or Intern in their classroom.


Questions & Answers

Will students be able to complete the curriculum with a student teacher in the class?
Student teachers work in collaboration with the regular classroom teachers to provide high quality instruction to students. At all times, student teachers follow provincially approved programs of study, including current assessment and evaluation practices.

Do student teachers have the same legal authority as my child’s regular classroom teachers?
No. Student teachers are university students and, as such, cannot assume the legal responsibilities of certificated teachers. While in a school, the student teacher is subject to the policies and regulations of the school jurisdiction as well as the requirements of the Faculty of Education.

Can a student teacher discipline my child?
Student teachers, under the supervision of the school administration, may take appropriate steps to ensure that students conduct themselves according to school and classroom policy. Parents are encouraged to consult the classroom teacher who is supervising the student teacher if concerns arise.

Do student teachers assign grades?
Depending on the level of field experience placement, student teachers may have responsibilities for assessing student progress. The grades assigned by a student teacher are reviewed by the supervising teacher on an ongoing basis.

Please note: Student Teachers and Interns are not yet certified; therefore, it is the supervising Teacher Associate who is ultimately responsible for your son or daughter's education.

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