Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science

Janay Nugent


  • Oversight of the planning and implementation of communications and marketing strategies

Timetable Management (Lethbridge and Calgary Campus)

  • Tracking workload
  • Reviewing capacity
  • Overseeing program delivery
  • Drafting the summer school program
  • Monitoring enrolments
  • Drafting and issuing sessional and overload contracts

Calgary Campus

  • Timetabling
  • A&S Staffing
  • Evaluating instructor performance
  • Participating in professional development activities, appreciation events and workshops

Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

  • Liaise with the Director of Co-operative Education and Applied Studies to enable and support WIL work within the Faculty of Arts & Science
  • Work with Department’s Chairs and Program Coordinators, to ensure the optimal, efficient and fair application of Independent Studies

Global Citizenship Cohort

  • Collaborating on the development and revision of academic programming

Indigenous Student Success Cohort

  • Collaborating on the development and revision of admission policy
  • Collaborating on the development and revision of academic programming
    • Hiring and monitoring the progress of instructors, in collaboration with the ISSC Coordinator
    • Indirectly supervising support staff, associated with ISSC

Necho Approvals

  • Act as Dean’s designate, where needed, for one-over-one signing authority for expenditures by faculty members, Chairs, Coordinators


  • Representing the Dean at teaching, research, and interview sessions for academic candidates

Public Relations/Advancement

  • Attending, and occasionally hosting, public events on behalf of the Faculty and the University

Professional Activities Reports and Salary, Tenure, and Promotion Tasks

  • Assisting in the process for annual/biennial evaluation of faculty members, and in the management/operation of activities of STP Committees


  • Participating in the delivery of the undergraduate program (no more than one course per academic year)
  • Instructing and supervising graduate students (at discretion, and in accord with needs of the program of research)


  • Maintaining an active research program, including publications and conference presentations

Other Duties

  • Miscellaneous duties assigned and undertaken as needed, for the efficient functioning of the Dean’s Office