Do I have to be in Grade 11 to apply?

Yes. The HYRS program is focused on students who have just completed grade 11, currently registered in an Alberta high school. One of the aims of the HYRS Program is to give Grade 11 students an opportunity to learn about a variety of careers in health research. Grade 11 students who are interested in a career in health research will then have time to think about university requirements in their last year of high school and make the necessary adjustments to their studies. A key responsibility of the HYRS participant is to return to their high school in the fall and do a presentation to a grade 11 science class on their experiences in the program. Finally, the activities in the HYRS program will be focused on the age level of grade 11 students.

When will I know if I've been accepted into HYRS?

Selections will be made in before the end of May each year. All applicants will be notified by early June.

What role do science teachers play in HYRS?

Alberta Innovates depends on science teachers to:

  • Pass on the news about HYRS to their students
  • Encourage them to apply
  • Provide a strong reference--a key part of the adjudication process

Living Arrangements

Students must make their own living arrangements while attending the HYRS program. Students who are unable to find living arrangements may wish to consider options such as the Canadian Homestay Network. Guardians should contact any housing agencies prior to the HYRS application deadline.

Need more information?

For any inquiries regarding the HYRS program, please contact Valerie Archibald at HYRS@uleth.ca.