Can I join the GC Cohort if I’m already a U of L student?

Sorry, but this program is intended for students in their first year of Post-secondary studies only.

Does it matter what major I intend to take?

Students in any Faculty of Arts & Science major can participate in the cohort. Students from other majors will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Do the GC Cohort courses count for my major?

Depending on what major you chose, one or more of the GC courses may count towards your major. They will all count towards your Liberal Education List requirements (part of your elective courses).

Can I take some but not all of the courses in the GC Cohort?

Many of the Cohort courses are also available for all students. But to be in the Cohort, you have to take all 5 courses with the group.

What else is involved besides taking these 5 group courses?

The extra-curricular requirements will vary from year to year. We hope that cohort students will organize some opportunities and events, and your coordinator may offer occasional social gatherings or suggest events that might be of interest.

How will I be graded?

Each course will be graded differently, depending on what the course is. Some courses may require writing essays, while others may rely on exams, assignments, or group activities for assessing your grade. Your instructors will provide you with these details at the beginning of all of your courses. The certificate will be awarded regardless of your grades, as long as you pass the required courses.