Masami Tatsuno

Associate Professor
Faculty of Arts & Science


Research expertise

​Dr. Tatsuno’s experimental research is aimed at understanding how REM and non-REM sleep contribute to memory consolidation. By recording multi-neuronal activity with hippocampal dependent and independent tasks, his laboratory investigates whether different types of memory benefit differently from REM and non-REM sleep or whether REM and non-REM sleep act serially and play complementary roles. His group also investigates decoding of neuronal activity during REM sleep, which will lead to decoding of dream content.

Dr. Tatsuno’s computational research focuses on further development of information geometric method for multi-neuronal spike patterns. This approach, for example applied to spike data before and after the task, will provide further insights into changes in the connection weights due to memory reactivation and learning. In addition, to investigate how reactivation improves performance, he constructs computational models of cortical and subcortical regions.​