Locke Spencer

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Arts & Science
Physics and Astronomy


Research expertise

​While my research is focused on the development of a lab-based FIR interferometry testbed, it contributes to many aspects of the FIR roadmap including the exploitation of current results and facilities, and collaboration with future experiments, facilities, and observatories. My research program is in partnership with the University of Lethbridge (UL) Astronomical Instrumentation Group (AIG). Led by David Naylor, the AIG provides a world-class environment with equipment in excess of $5M and an international reputation built over the last 30 years. The FIR interferometry focus opens a new research avenue for the AIG, and represents significant UL investment to build on international recognition within one of the key pillars in its strategic plan. My research provides a ground floor opportunity to become a key partner in future-generation space-based FIR astronomy, and excellent highly qualified personnel (HQP) training opportunities. This work is unique within Canada, and the world, complements the existing research network both locally and internationally, and will fortify existing and anticipated international collaborations into the future. My research will provide HQP training to many students through a combination of hands-on instrumentation, technology, technique, and data processing developments with the broad perspective of participation in international collaborations.​


​Experimental Astrophysics, Far-Infrared imaging and spectroscopy, cryogenic instrumentation, interferometry, star formation, cosmology​.