Rhiannon Mesler

Dhillon School of Business


Research expertise

Dr. Mesler has a background in social and organizational Psychology and now serves in the Marketing area at the Dhillon School of Business focusing on how consumers think and make decisions in the marketplace. She is particularly interested in understanding the forces that incline consumers toward prosocial behaviors (e.g., charitable giving, ethical consumption, consumer well-being, sustainability), and away from more maladaptive ones (e.g., unhealthy food choices, food waste). Some of Dr. Mesler's recent work has focused on how mindsets, physical appearance, and gender identity shape consumer behavior. Principally an experimental researcher, Dr. Mesler also does some mixed-methods work (e.g., survey, meta-analysis, big data) and collaborates in English.  

Dr. Mesler is particularly eager to hear from students with similar interests, as well as some related background/training (e.g., Psychology, Sociology, Consumer Behavior/Marketing, Behavioral Science). Her students work collaboratively in the Mesler Behavioral Science Lab (https://www.meslerlab.org/) and Doctoral students are expected to play a leadership role in the lab alongside their faculty, MSc, and undergraduate colleagues.