Paige Pope

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Arts & Science
Kinesiology and Physical Education

Social Sciences

Research expertise

Dr. Pope's research interests fall under the sport and exercise psychology umbrella with two specific programs of research. Her first area of research revolves around examining the effectiveness of health promotion messages that focus on facilitating the initiation and long-term engagement in physical activity. In particular, Dr. Pope is interested in applying the Comprehensive Messaging Strategy to Sustained Behavior Change which tailors information presented in messages to the recipients' stage of change while framing it to focus on intrinsic goals and self-determined motivation. Secondly, Dr. Pope is part of a multi-institutional team that developed and is currently managing the Sport Psychology for Coaches website. This website is a free evidence informed resource designed to provide coaches (as well as athletes or parents) with information about sport psychology skills, practical activities they can use, and opportunities to interact with other coaches and sport psychology experts. The website was launched in 2017 and will be a focus of Dr. Pope's research as her team explores the effectiveness of this resource to translate sport psychology information to the coaches and athletes that will use it.