Brenda Leung

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Health Sciences
Public Health

Research expertise

My training is in epidemiology and naturopathic medicine. My research includes the application of various CAHC therapies in the treatment of chronic disease, as well as approaches for integrative healthcare. For example, one of my current projects is investigating the use of acupuncture in childhood anxiety. Another area of focus is the role of nutrition, in particular multi-micronutrients in maternal (mental) health and child neurocognitive development. For example, my research has examined the role of prenatal micronutrient supplementation on maternal mood and child development, the importance of nutrition during pregnancy and for child brain development.


  • nutrition and micronutrients
  • integrative healthcare
  • acupuncture
  • mind-body therapies
  • maternal and child health
  • mental health
  • chronic pain
  • clinical trials, cohort study, mixed methods
  • innovative research methodology