Dan Johnson

Faculty of Arts & Science
Geography and Environment


Research expertise

Environmentally sustainable methods (including biological, microbial and integrated control) of crop protection, Effects of climate variability and economic development on organisms and social systems in semi-arid ecosystems, Food relationships, biodiversity, ecological integrity, ecotoxicology, system linkages, resilience, impacts, Forecasting abundance, movement, phenology, range changes and invasions of arthropods and plants, Aquatic and terrestrial arthropod communities (including soil fauna), diversity, activities, ecotoxicology, and land-water linkages, Post-glacial grassland, foothills, montane and alpine ecology and biodiversity, Ecological methods and logical frameworks, Applications to terrestrial, riparian, aquatic and edaphic systems, Grassland microbe-insect-plant-bird interactions, including impacts of disturbance (toxins, weather, invasion, fire), Watershed ecosystems, Terrestrial-aquatic linkages, Pollination study, Soil biology, Insect outbreaks, Support for environmental economics, Application of ecological knowledge to management and policy.