Monique Giroux

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Research expertise

Monique Giroux is a Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Music, Culture, and Politics, and Assistant Professor in Indigenous studies. She completed her PhD in ethnomusicology at York University (2013), focusing on fiddle music as a site of Indigenous/settler relations.

Dr. Giroux's current research centres on Métis cultural and political revival and resurgence in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, North Dakota, and Montana. Emerging from an understanding that cultural practices have political implications, her work examines the ways in which music and dance are used to re-build the Métis Nation; to build alliances among Métis communities and with settlers; and to remake or, problematically, reinforce unequal relations between Settler and Métis peoples. She is also working on a project that aims to facilitate the repatriation of Métis music held in archives in Canada and the US.


Canada, Fine Arts, Indigenous, Indigenous People and Government Relations, Music

Grad students:
I am currently accepting MA and PhD students in the following areas:

  • Indigenous musics
  • (Multi)cultural festivals
  • Métis culture, history, and/or political thought
  • Indigenous/settler relations
  • Indigenous cultural revival and/or resurgence
  • Ethnomusicology and ethnography
  • Research creation