Lawrence Flanagan

Faculty of Arts & Science
Biological Sciences

Ecosystem Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Plant Eco-physiology

Research expertise

I am a plant biologist and ecosystem ecologist. I make use of a variety of research techniques including: eddy covariance and chamber-based gas exchange analyses, stable isotope analyses, and some remote sensing measurements to study the structure and function of plants and ecosystems in the context of global change. I have previously studied in a variety of ecosystems including: Great Plains grasslands and adjacent riparian cottonwood forests, boreal and Rocky Mountain forests, boreal peatlands, agricultural crops, and freshwater mineral wetlands (bulrush marshes). 


Ecosystem carbon cycling and water budgets, controls on ecosystem-atmosphere methane exchange processes, use of stable isotope techniques to study aspects of plant and ecosystem function, controls on plant and ecosystem water-use efficiency

If you contact me, please include: 

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