Jennifer Copeland

Associate Professor
Faculty of Arts & Science
Kinesiology and Physical Education


Research expertise

Dr. Copeland's main research interests are the effect of physical activity and sedentary behaviour on health across the lifespan, with a particular focus on healthy ageing. Her research includes both experimental work and analysis of large data sets. Recently, Dr. Copeland co-organized, with Dr. Shilpa Dogra, a CIHR-funded consensus meeting of international experts on sedentary behaviour and healthy ageing. She is also interested in the impact of movement behaviours on stress resilience and is currently studying the effect of physically active lifestyles on allostatic load. Dr. Copeland has expertise in the assessment of movement behaviours using both self-report and objective measures, such as accelerometers.

Dr. Copeland's laboratory, the Active Healthy Aging Lab, has received funding from CIHR, CFI, PolicyWise for Children and Families, the Sport Science Association of Alberta, and other agencies.

Dr. Copeland is passionate about translating research into knowledge so that her work can ultimately contribute to improving population health. To achieve that goal she regularly collaborates with community partners and stakeholders, and takes every opportunity to present and explain the evidence of why people of all ages should move more and sit less!