Information for Presenters

Submit a Proposal to Present

Submit Online through our submission form in order to participate as a presenter. You will be asked to provide details on your project. Unless you specify otherwise, your responses will be used in our online publication, Celebrating Inquiry (You will have an opportunity to preview your entry). 

Please note: this event is not mandatory. Deadline for submissions is the last Sunday before the Symposium.

More About the Presentation Format:

Plan to present for up to ten minutes. Limit your slides to 5 or 6 maxium. You may choose to incorporate visual/audio.

You will share how your project developed and describe your process of shaping/implementing those ideas. Our audience (including many incoming interns) is particularly interested in your process: how you identified a need and went about formulating your inquiry around that need (ie: how did you come up with your project?).

You may wish to use the following suggestions for the content of your presentation:

How the Project Began:

  *   How you recognized the need/ When and how did you come up with your idea?

 *   What sources or people did you have to consult to begin?


  *   What steps did you take to complete the project?

  *   What challenges/considerations/setbacks arose?


  *   What did you observe, discover or measure through the project?

  *   How did this project impact your students, class or school?;

  *   Are there any future implications or applications for your project?;

  *   How did this project contribute to your own learning? 

You may also involve the audience in any way that suits your time frame and topic.

What to Expect at the Symposium:

The Symposium will follow a "panel session" format. Presentations will be grouped in each room according to similar themes. Each presenter will have up to ten minutes to share their project. After five projects are shared, there will be time for brief discussion/questions, followed by a short break. After the break, the next panel of presenters will follow the same format. Each presenting group will have an order, with one Intern serving as the chair of the group.

We will use the Zoom platform for the virutal symposium. Please ensure you have a reliable computer, mic  and connection. You can use the screen share option to share slides or other content on your screen.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let the Symposium organizers know. Zoom links and presenter order will be established and distributed a few days prior to the Symposium. If you have any time constraints on the day of the Sympsoium, please ensure you inform us before you are assigned a presentation time.  We will announce a brief practice session for you to sign on and test your screenshare/other tech as needed. If you are presenting with a partner, you will still have the same amount of time allotted. You can take turns sharing your screen, or propose other ways to present together as you see fit.

We are also making available an on-line publication titled Celebrating Inquiry. We invite you to be part of the publication as well. You can choose whether you want to participate when you submit your proposal.

This event is intended as a sharing and celebration of the Professional Inquiry Projects. Feedback from past presenters suggests that the experience of presenting at the Symposium provides insight into the conference presentation process, recognition for your work, and the opportunity to enhance/establish Personal Learning Networks.


Thank you for participating in this exciting afternoon. Please contact us with questions. Invite your Mentor Teacher, family, colleagues and friends to attend the event!


Beth Cormier, B.A./B.Ed, MLIS, Curriculum Librarian