Information for Presenters

Submit a Proposal to Present

Submit Online through our submission form in order to participate as a presenter. You will be asked to provide details on your project. Unless you specify otherwise, your responses will be used in our online publication, Celebrating Inquiry.

Please note: this event is not mandatory. Deadline for submissions is the last Sunday before the Symposium.


Content of Presentation/Poster

  • You will share how your project developed and describe your process of shaping/implementing those ideas.
  • Our audience (including many incoming interns) is particularly interested in your process: how you identified a need and went about formulating your inquiry around that need (ie: how did you come up with your project?).
You may wish to use the following suggestions for the content of your presentation:

How the Project Began:

  *   How you recognized the need/ When and how did you come up with your idea?

 *   Sources you consulted to help develop your inquiry.


  *   What steps did you take to complete the project?

  *   What challenges/considerations/setbacks arose?


  *   What did you observe, discover or measure through the project?

  *   How did this project impact your students, class or school?;


  *   Are there any future implications or applications for your project?;

  *   How did this project contribute to your own learning? 

You may also involve the audience in any way that suits your time frame and topic.

More About the Presentation Format


A. 10-Minute Project Talk/Presentation (In Person)
  • Plan to present for up to ten minutes, including questions. Limit your slides to 5 or 6 maxium. You may choose to incorporate visual/audio.
  • You will present in one of the Currlab Classrooms (L1170G, L1170B, L1170A). You will have access to the desktop computer (sound, document camera, projector)
  • We will need a facilitator for each room (to introduce participants and keep the room flowing).
B. 10-Minute Project Talk/Presentation (Virtual)
  • Plan to present for up to ten minutes, including questions. Limit your slides to 5 or 6 maxium. You may choose to incorporate visual/audio.
  • You will present via Zoom. Our plan is to incorporate your presentation into the physical offerings, while also allowing for online attendees.
  • You will be able to view the other presentations in the room as well.
C. Poster Session (In Person)
  • Prepare a project poster using a typical "research poster" method and style.
  • Organize the sections of your poster around the specified content (above).
  • You will be in the open area of the Curriculum Lab. Attendees will circulate and view all the posters. You can engage them in conversation and offer short summaries of your project.
  • PS III Moodle has Support Information:  including videos from Dr. Doug Checkley.
  • This Guide to Academic Posters (Created by Thompson Rivers University Library) is very helpful! 
  • Powerpoint is often used to create an academic poster (change the size to 3ft x 5 ft). Google Slides and Canva are other alternatives.


This event is intended as a sharing and celebration of the Professional Inquiry Projects. Feedback from past presenters suggests that the experience of presenting at the Symposium provides insight into the conference presentation process, recognition for your work, and the opportunity to enhance/establish Personal Learning Networks.


Thank you for participating in this exciting afternoon. Please contact us with questions.
Invite your Mentor Teacher, family, colleagues and friends to attend the event* (Note: All visitors 12+ must be able to show proof of double vaccination using the AHS QR Code. View Full Policy 


You are also invited to reach out to professors/instructors/staff you have worked with. Please extend them a personal invitation!


Beth Cormier, B.A./B.Ed, MLIS, Curriculum Librarian