Dean's Message: Faculty of Education

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
...a time of change, renewal, and of inspiration

There is no doubt that this past year has been unusual for the Faculty of Education.  Nine of our colleagues chose to leave or retire from the faculty, sparking the single largest one time search for new faculty members in our nearly 50-year history.  It has been a time of change, of renewal, and of inspiration.

We are truly delighted to introduce our many new faculty members in this issue even though it means we are at the same time saying goodbye to many long serving faculty.  Inspiration is found in two ways through this period of change.  New faculty bring new ideas, new perspectives, and challenge us to think in different ways … to embrace change.  In the most positive ways, we also question ourselves and recommit to values, principles, and conventions we share. As our former colleagues leave we are reminded of the excellent work they have done over many years, and celebrate all that they have achieved.  They inspire us still.

I am reminded of the saying “Standing on the shoulders of giants.”  This saying is generally attributed to Sir Isaac Newton and refers to the manner in which new discoveries are made possible by the discoveries that precede them.  In like manner, the Faculty of Education, members current and new, will stand on the shoulders of giants as we take our inspiration from our retiring faculty’s years of dedicated service and discovery.

– A. Craig Loewen, PhD, Dean of Education