On With the Dance

Teach Your Passion

Throughout her high school and post-secondary journey, dance and choreography was always a part of Kristi Legge's (BA/BEd '07) world – a guiding aspiration. Now as a teacher, she can share her lifelong passion with her students.

"I didn’t think I would ever get a job within the field of dance,” says Kristi Legge, who earned her BA (2004) and BEd (2007) from the University of Lethbridge Faculty of Education. But others had noticed the kinesiology major who’d been choreographing and teaching dance since high school, and who founded the university’s Lethbridge Alberta Dance Company. During Legge’s placement as a physical education practicum student at G.S. Lakie Middle School, she had the opportunity to incorporate that passion into her instruction. “They had me teach the entire school a dance unit." It was so popular she was invited to develop a dance option which rapidly grew into a full-time program.

Today she teaches jazz, ballet, breakdancing, stomp and many more styles to overflowing classes. “We’re getting to the point where we have to turn kids away,” she states. “Whatever their passion is, I think it’s great for teachers to involve it in their work. It doesn’t have to be a class; it can be a club or an after school program. It creates a school that’s vibrant with happy kids, because they feel that teachers actually care. And it’s a great way to fall in love with your job all over again.”

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