Software Acquisition Policy


created Oct 27/98

updated Sep 28, 2001

Faculty members, students, and technical support staff can make recommendations for software purchases. At a meeting of the CTiTL committee (Oct 27, 1998) the following procedure regarding software acquisition was described and documented. At the Sep 28, 2001 CTiTL committee meeting the policy was amended to include the CTiTL committee in the process.

What follows is a description of the how decisions are made in regards to those requests:

Suggestions for software titles are forwarded to the manager of information systems. In some cases the request will be for a site license, lab pack, or alternatively a single copy. These initial requests should be accompanied by a purpose that describes how the software will be used (classroom, professional support, or exploration and experimentation) and rationale.

As the manager of information systems receives requests he will share those with the coordinator of the CTiTL committee. The coordinator will communicate any concerns or suggestions.

The corrdinator of the CTiTL committee will determine if the item needs to be brought to the CTiTL committee. In cases of small purchases or mission critical items the CTiTL committee will not be involved. If the purchase is larger or requires debate then the item will be brought to the CTiTL committee for resolution.

In the event the recommendation is to go forward, then the manager of information systems will forward those requests to the Dean and or budget committee with the accompanying rationale and purpose as well as any recommendation from the CTiTL coordinator, CTiTL committee, and the manager of information systems.

The dean then takes those items and makes a decision based on the rationale and budgetary considerations.

The dean then instructs the manager of information systems to create the necessary POs if the titles have been approved.

The manager of information systems, in turn, informs those who submitted the request of its status.