Policy on Replacing, Upgrading and Borrowing Desktop Technology

in the Faculty of Education

January 17, 1996

Purpose. The purpose of the Faculty's investment in desktop communications equipment is to further the Faculty's program objective of graduating students who are comfortable and confident in their use of this technology in their own teaching and other work, and to facilitate the work of the Faculty. The Faculty of Education's policy is to assist members and support staff by providing them with necessary communications technology equipment and software according to the following guidelines:


  • The Faculty will provide full-time members and support staff with adequate desktop equipment and appropriate* software for their offices. This includes members and support staff in the Curriculum Laboratory. Where possible, this policy will also apply to graduate student offices and to the EUS office.
  • *Note: what constitutes "appropriate software" is yet to be determined when it is clearer what basic systems the University will support. In addition to basic systems, there will be more specialized and curriculum-specific systems that the Faculty will have to provide.
  • Equipment and software will not be provided for use at home or other locations, except that portable equipment may be borrowed. Short-term loans may be approved by the Dean's Designate. Loans longer than two weeks require the Dean's permission.
  • All replacements and upgrades require the Dean's authorization.
  • All replacements and upgrades are Faculty resources provided to Members and support staff on a temporary basis. With the approval of the Dean, all equipment and software may be reallocated as the need arises.
  • All members are encouraged to provide their own office equipment and software from research grants and contracts, where possible. In such cases the equipment and software remain under the control of the Faculty member for as long as he or she is a member of the Faculty.
  • This policy is not retroactive. No refunds will be made to anyone who has expended funds for the purchase of equipment or software prior to the approval of this policy.