High Bandwidth Subsidy

April 5, 2005

A proposal was brought to the CTiTL committeee for the Faculty to subsidize high speed Internet connenctions from home. You may recall that last spring we did an informal survey of those who would benefit from high speed Internet access. The CTiTL committee made a recommendation to the Dean and and the following was agreed upon.

For those individuals who would benefit from a high speed Internet connection for professional purposes:

The Faculty will pay 1/2 the monthly cost of a High Speed Service per household, up to a maximum of $20.00 per month.

Faculty members will not be reimbursed for the cost of setup/installation or for the cost of any required equipment (modems, etc.).

Faculty members will be reimbursed annually - six months in arrears. This means that the Faculty member will pay for the first six months of service, the Faculty will then requisition a cheque payable to the Faculty member for the next six months of service up to a maximum of $240.00.

Should a Faculty member choose to go with a High Speed Internet Service their present University Remote Access (modem access) to the Internet will be discontinued.

The Faculty will require a copy of the High Speed Internet provider's monthly statement (to attach to the cheque requisition) and a brief rationale (one paragraph) indicating the professional reasons for the service. This should be submitted to Carol Knibbs.

To keep paperwork down to a manageable level there will be two application periods per year where Faculty members can sign up for this option (October and April).