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CTiTL Committee Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for this committee were approved by Education Council on January 29, 1997 (with minior amendments over time)


The purpose of the committee is to assist and advise the Faculty towards achieving its goal of preparing students who are competent, confident and discriminating in the use of appropriate communications technology in teaching and learning.


This goal will be achieved by continuously reviewing:

  1. program priorities
  2. arrangements with partners (both within and outside the university)
  3. training and support activities
  4. facilities and infrastructure (space, equipment, software)
  5. human resources
  6. financial support for communication technology activities
  7. investigation and evaluation of emerging technologies
  8. develop and review plans for the integration of communications technology into the activities of the Faculty
  9. recommendations to the Curriculum Committee or to the Graduate Programs in Education Committee regarding curriculum proposals related to communications technology
  10. recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding Faculty policies related to the use of communications technology in the work of the Faculty (teaching, supervision, research, service, administration)
  11. recommendations to the Dean regarding the Faculty's needs for facilities, equipment, or training for Faculty members and staff in the area of communications technology
  12. adjudicating Technology Innovations in Research and Pedagogy (TIRP) proposals that will allow Faculty to explore new technologies in education

The Terms of Reference for this committee need to be dynamic. Thus the Terms of Reference need to be reviewed annually and adjustments made when appropriate. The committee needs to adopt a proactive stance and should be involved in the creation and support of various faculty projects and initiatives.

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