The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) After Degree program consists of a minimum of 20 semester courses (60 credit hours), which includes Education 2500, (1 course equivalent), Professional Semester One (5 course equivalent), Professional Semester Two (5 course equivalent), Professional Semester Three (5 course equivalent) and 4 individual courses consisting of one Education Foundation and three Education electives. Students may also be required to make up deficiencies in their major if the required number of courses was not complete although acceptable at the time of admission. These courses will be over and above the 20 B.Ed. courses. Education 2500 (or its equivalent) must be taken prior to admission to the B.Ed. Program, but may be counted as one of the 20 courses required for the degree. Please ask the Education academic advisor.


Students also attend seminar sessions at the University which introduces students to the profession and addresses current issues in Education. This program focuses on integrating theory and practice. Education 2500 is offered each semester including Summer Session I and must be completed prior to admission into the Faculty of Education. If the applicant has more than 120 volunteer or paid hours in a Canadian school classroom setting under the supervision of a certified teacher who teaches grades K - 12 curriculum, the student may apply for a waiver of Education 2500 and replace this course with another Education elective once admitted into the Faculty. (The student will then be required to complete four Education electives rather than three.)


Many students opt to take Education 2500 during Summer Session I (U of L or Calgary campus). As an After Degree applicant wishing to register for the Lethbridge section, please submit an Open Studies form to the Registrar's Office. You will then be notified of the registration date. Please note that the Open Studies form is in addition to the regular U of L online application to the Bachelor of Education program. For After Degree applicants wanting the Calgary section of Education 2500, please contact Student Program Services at 403-329-2254 for details. The Summer Timetable can be viewed on the Bridge after mid-February. Education 2500 is mandatory unless you can provide evidence of teaching experience as identified in the EDUC 2500 Waiver Policy.

Education 2500 - Orientation to Teaching

Education 2500 (Orientation to Teaching Practicum) includes a supervised practicum in an assigned school classroom in any grade from K-6 where each Education 2500 student functions as a "teacher assistant".


PS I is the first professional semester in the Faculty of Education. This is a generic semester where the focus is on basic teaching skills across all subject major areas. In this semester, all students take the same classes regardless of the major. The students are placed in cohorts of 36 - 40 students.

There are two parts to the semester:

  • on-campus courses (approximately 8 weeks)
  • full-time assigned generic (K-9) classroom practica (5 weeks, approximately 125 hours)


PS II is the second professional semester and is only offered in the Spring (January) semester. It may be taken directly after PS I if the student has more than 25 courses at the point of admission. (If the student has less than 25 courses, the remaining courses in the student’s first degree will be completed.)

PS II is organized around teaching majors. (Language Arts majors are together, Science majors are together, etc.). The emphasis in the Curriculum and Instruction classes is now specifically centered around teaching in the major subject area. The content covers K-12, so the curriculum is studied for all levels.

First students complete four on-campus courses which last approximately 7 weeks.

Students are then assigned full-time to a classroom for approximately 150 hours (6 weeks) in a subject specific practicum, in any grade from K-12. Student teachers plan, develop, and deliver units of instruction. They assume 50 percent of the teacher associate's workload at the beginning of the practicum, gradually working up to 100 percent during the last week of practicum.

For more information on PS II please click here


PS III is an internship where students are assigned full time to a school for an entire semester (approximately 375 hours or 15 weeks). The following PS III categories are available to students who meet the prerequisite criteria: Elementary, Secondary, Indigenous Education, Inclusive Education, Technology in Education, International, Fine Arts (Music, Drama or Art) and Early Childhood Education. Some categories are available in Fall or Spring only. PS III can be taken in a variety of locations throughout Alberta and Canada although students are restricted to Alberta if a waiver of Education 2500 has been granted.