Turcotte Hall and the Faculty of Education offices are open from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Academic advising appointments are limited, so please contact Student Program Services if you wish to make an appointment by Zoom, in-person or by phone. You can reach us by email: edu.sps@uleth.ca or by phone: (403) 329-2254, or by dropping by our front desk on the 4th Floor (TH421). 

Please note that the timetable for Fall 2021 Education courses is available on the Bridge. Professional Semester I will proceed in person as indicated on the timetable. Fall 2021 elective offerings will proceed with some being delivered in person and some being delivered at a distance as indicated on the timetable. Fall 2021 EDUC 2500 will be delivered in person but without a practicum component due to uncertain situations in schools.

For general questions relating to the COVID19 situation, please email COVID19.inquiries@uleth.ca


There are numerous resource pages that will help Faculty and current undergraduate students to access valuable information about the Faculty of Education.

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