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With the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge

UofL - Teach your Passion - Carmichael Day Chief

Danny Balderson

"Great teachers develop good relationships with students"

–Dr. Danny Balderson, Education

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Jeffrey Maccormack

"Great teachers know how to have fun"

–Dr. Jeffrey MacCormack, Education

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Ciona Thompson

"I love teaching kids and helping them grow within sport."

-Ciona Thompson, Teacher

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Samantha Davis

"As a teacher, I can expose people to art and show them what's out there already."

-Samantha Davis, Teacher

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Kristi Legge

"My students learn about the arts, creativity, and self-expression."

-Kristi Legge, Teacher

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Jim Kerr

"I wanted to pass on the love of the game to my students."

-Jim Kerr, Teacher

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Devon Mulder

"I've always been fascinated by how things work."

-Devin Mulder, Teacher

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27 weeks of practical classroom experience in a broad range of schools from rural to urban and elementary to secondary

Graduating superior educatiors for whom teaching is long-term, rewarding career

Teacher preparation nationally recognized for its excellence

Jim Kerr

I wanted to pass on the love of the game to my students.

Jim Kerr, Teacher