Bruker Avance III HD 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer

Bruker Avance III HD 500

  • Solids capabilities
  • Four High Power Channels (HFXY)
  • Independant waveform generator on all four channels
  • Low Gamma Capabilities
  • Equipped with a variable temperature Unit with VT Booster(-150 to +400), a BCU-II pre-conditioner (capable of -60), and a LN2 exchanger system.
  • A large array of HFXY probes with full VT capabilities (see below)
  • Full Imaging capabilities with X, Y, and Z gradient amplifiers

This instrument is housed in the Magnetic Resonance facility (SA6216) on the 6th floor of the Science Commons building and was originally purchased with funding obtained from the Alberta Network for Proteonomic Innovation (ANPI).

The console for this instrument was recently upgraded to a Bruker Avance III HD console using funding obtained from an NSERC RTI grant valued at $250,000.

This system is unique because it has been upgraded to a Bruker console, but still makes use of our existing Chemagnetics (Varian) T3 style solids probes. This allowed our facility to switch vendors while maintaining all of our existing probes in house. See below for a full list of solids probes and capabilities available on this instrument. For any questions or enquiries with regards to this system conversion please feel free to contact the facility director.

500 MHz NMR in Core Facility

Solids NMR Probes

  1. Varian (Chemagnetics) Single Channel Static Wide Bore Probe (5mm and 10mm coils, VT capable)
  2. Varian (Chemagnetics) TR T3 HXY 4mm probe (spinning speeds up to 18 kHz, VT capable, 52 uL rotors)
  3. Varian (Chemagnetics) DR T3 HX 7.5mm probe (spinning speeds up to 7kHz, VT capable, 450 uL rotors)
  4. Varian (Chemagnetics) QR T3 HFXY 2.0 mm probe (spinning speeds up to 35 kHz, 11 uL rotors)
  5. Varian (Chemagnetics) QR T3 HFXY 2.5 mm probe (spinning speeds up to 30 kHz, VT Capable, 11 uL rotors)
  6. Varian (Chemagnetics) QR T3 HFXY 3.2mm probe (spinning speeds up to 25 kHz, VT capable, 22 uL rotors)
  7. Varian (Chemagnetics) QR T3 HFXY 4mm probe (spinning speeds up to 18 kHz, VT capable, 52 uL rotors)
  8. Varian (Chemagnetics) QR T3 HFXY 6.0mm probe (spinning speeds up to 9kHz, VT capable, 240 uL rotors)
  9. A XYZ gradient insert equipped with both a proton and phosphorous coil for multi-purpose imaging (gradient insert not shown)

    Note: VT range of -150 to +250 degrees celcius for most VT probes


  • Two low gamma tuning boxes