Marketing (MKTG) Major

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What is Marketing (MKTG)?

Marketing is both an art and a science as it seeks to: identify consumer needs, guides the development of new products, services or communications strategies, ensure products and services are available where and when consumers want them, determine prices, and appropriately adapt all of these business parameters within and across domestic and international markets. Almost one-third of North Americans are employed in marketing or marketing-related positions.

Marketers themselves are the crucial link between an organization, their suppliers, and their end-users by building relationships that aim to benefit all parties. Marketers must have a strong understanding of the consumer - whether an individual, an organization, or a population/social group - so that they can effectively advise on all aspects of marketing. If you are strategic, creative, practical, enjoy both people and numbers, show strong analytical abilities and have excellent communications skills (including listening), then marketing may be the educatonal and potential career field for you. While different types of marketing jobs require different skill sets, some of the core skills that all marketers need are to communicate effectively, work independently, be self-motivated, and show initiative.

As a MKTG major, you will learn how to balance project timelines with the latest theoretical concepts in marketing by studying courses such as: consumer behaviour, marketing communications (and notably through a social media lens), marketing management, managing responsibly in a global environment, economics, and statistics while additionally drawing from and subsequently forging conceptual connections from the sociology and psychology fields as well.

Pursuable Undergraduate Programs as a MKTG Major in Calgary

Future Career Opportunities

Please visit this link for some example career titles, acquired skills, and possible work settings which may be in store for you as a future MKTG graduate.


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