Human Resource Management & Labour Relations (HRLR) Major Description

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What is Human Resource Management & Labour Relations (HRLR)?

Human resources and labour relations professionals manage any organization’s greatest resource – its people. Competent, culturally sensitive, and highly organized, human resource and labour relations experts add significant value to an organization's success by exhibiting competence in a wide array of specialized areas, including but not limited to: talent management (staffing), employment law, union and non-union based labour relations, strategic compensation, organizational behaviour/dynamics, health and safety, and training and development. Professionals with this degree are strategic critical thinkers who are not only essential for navigating workforces through complex and constantly evolving labour environments but who also serve as the primary conduit between employers and employees in fostering productive, harmonious, and fair workplaces.

Human Resource Management and Labour Relations managers are also among some of the most in-demand jobs in Canada in 2019 (

Students who are majoring in HRLR are strongly advised to take Research Methodology (MGT 2700) as early as possible within their respective programs as this course provides the foundational/pre-requisite knowledge needed for many of the senior-level HRLR area courses that are built into both of the undergraduate degree and certificate programs.

Pursuable Undergraduate Programs as an HRLR Major in Calgary

CPHR Accredited

uLethbridge's BMgt-HRLR degree (any admission route and campus) is accredited by the Chartered Professional In Human Resources association of Alberta (CPHR Alberta). That means that upon program completion, students of this major can apply to waive the CPHR National Knowledge Exam (NKE), provided that the appropriate course grades (both individual and cumulative average) are successfully achieved, as per the association's educational requirements. uLethbridge BMgt-HRLR grads will also only be expected to have 3 years of professional HR experience prior to earning the full CPHR designation, whereas those who do not graduate with a degree from an CPHR-accredited institution will be expected to have 8 years of experience.

Future Career Opportunities

Please visit this link for some example career titles, acquired skills, and possible work settings which may be in store for you as a future HRLR graduate.


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