General Management (GMGT) Major Description

Flexible Degrees for Working Adults

Why Choose the General Management Major (GMGT)?

Many choose to major in General Management (GMGT) as it provides them with a comprehensive understanding of management theory that can be applied to many different work settings. In contrast with any of the other more specialized management majors (e.g. accounting, finance, marketing etc.), the GMGT major on the other hand is unique in that it provides students with the flexibility to take courses across multiple subject areas which not only cater to their personal educational interests, but also still satisfy their established program requirements at the same time. Whether you are primarily a people, a process, or a numbers person, studying GMGT will help you develop and refine those workplace-ready skills which already come naturally to you.

Today’s managers are collaborative, creative, and adaptive — strong communicators who lead others towards accomplishing and achieving common goals, respond to dynamic and perpetually changing business needs and landscapes, work successfully within small and large teams, abide by ethically and socially responsible principles, and exhibit cognitive mindfulness in regards to short and long-term environmental sustainability.

As a GMGT major pursuer, you will study topics such as marketing, organizational behaviour, introductory accounting, managing responsibly in a global environment, human resources management, policy and strategy, and statistical probability. In addition to the required courses, the major includes six 3000- or 4000-level management electives that can be mixed-and-matched to your liking.

Pursuable Undergraduate Programs as a GMGT Major in Calgary

Future Career Opportunities

Please visit this link for some example career titles, acquired skills, and possible work settings which may be in store for you as a future GMGT graduate.


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