Accounting (ACCT) Major Description

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What is Accounting (ACCT)?

Accountants are central to the operations and strategies of all types of organizations. They require the ability to think critically as well as communicate and interact with others effectively. Accounting is the foundation of organizational short and long-term success by way of measuring, analyzing, and reporting on factors that affect both financial and broad-based organizational performance, resources, and risk.

As an ACCT major, you will train to be an accountant, not a bookkeeper, where you will both acquire, build, and practice technical skills that are relevant to the profession (e.g. writing, presenting, using accounting tools, and case analysis) as well as learn how to address a broad range of business challenges through the lens of a quantitative problem solver. Classes are small, allowing for one-on-one interaction with professors who have professional accounting designations, doctorate degrees in accounting, or both.

Pursuable Undergraduate Programs as an ACCT Major in Calgary

CPA Accredited

Both of uLethbridge's BMgt-ACCT degree (any admission route and campus) and its Post-Bachelor Certificates in ACCT (any credential stream) are recognized by the Chartered Professional Accountants association of Alberta (CPA Alberta) as being accredited to their own educational curriculum. That means uLethbridge accounting students will be provided with all of the necessary coursework required to satisfy CPA's Preparatory Education Program (PREP) by way of recognized academic equivalents which are directly built into their respective undergraduate accounting credential, as per the associatons' transfer credit guide (updated annually). Upon program completion, graduates can subsequently apply for entry into CPA's 2-year, graduate-level Professional Education Program (PEP), directly with the association, as the next step towards achieving their CPA designation career goals.

Future Career Opportunities

Please visit this link for some example career titles, acquired skills, and possible work settings which may be in store for you as a future ACCT graduate.