Bachelor of Management (Marketing)

Flexible DegreesĀ for Working Adults

What is Marketing?

Marketing is both an art and a science appealing to creative people and those with a more analytical orientation. Marketers are the crucial link between the organization, its customers/end-users and its suppliers, concerned with building relationships that are valuable for all parties. Consequently, marketing is rooted in a strong understanding of the customer, whether an individual consumer or another organization. Identifying consumer needs, developing new products/services, developing communications strategies, ensuring products and services are available where and when consumers want them, determining prices, and adjusting all of these to international markets and different cultures - that's the job of marketing.

About the Marketing Major

As a marketing major, you'll balance practical project experience with the latest theoretical concepts. You'll take courses in basic marketing theories, marketing research, consumer behaviour, and choose electives in advertising, retailing, sales management, socially responsible marketing, and international marketing to suit your own career goals. Whatever your focus, you'll gain practical skills in designing marketing strategies for real products and services.

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Career Opportunities

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