Person Behind the PhD

Person Behind the PhD

Person Behind the PhD is a video series that looks to highlight some of our faculty member's hidden talents, hobbies and passions.

It's the beauty of the piece, and it comes from the tree.

Dr. Dan Johnson
Department of Geography & Environment

Kinesiology professor, Scott Rathwell takes his research on coaching to the ice

Dr. Scott Rathwell
Department of Kinesiology & Physical Education

With the help of Finn, Laura Chasmer adds some levity to her lectures

Dr. Laura Chasmer
Department of Geography & Environment

"I thought, 'hey, there must be a better way!' and so the way of my ancestors sprung to mind."

Dr. James MacKenzie
Department of Anthropology

Through volunteering, Dr. Lynn Kennedy supports the community at Womanspace

Dr. Lynn Kennedy
Department of History

"I don't see the fabrication or building of anything as a barrier."

Dr. Craig Coburn
Department of Geography & Environment

"This, for me, is what home is; A place where everything is familiar to you."

Pasquale Bosso
Department of Physics & Astronomy