Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science

    Dr. Hillary Rodrigues

    Student Issues

    • Managing academic and non-academic offences and assessing appeals
    • Managing grade appeals
    • Assessing exam accommodation requests
    • Liaising with the Accommodated Learning Centre and Counseling Services
    • Resolving miscellaneous complaints

    Faculty Issues

    • Approving grades and tracking distributions
    • Approving and tracking grade changes
    • Consulting on teaching, assessment, and student discipline policies
    • Consulting on miscellaneous classroom management concerns

    Global Citizenship Cohort

    • Collaborating on the development and revision of academic programming

    Necho Approvals

    • Act as Dean’s designate, where needed, for one-over-one signing authority for expenditures by faculty members, Chairs, Coordinators


    • Representing the Dean at teaching, research, and interview sessions for academic candidates

    Public Relations/Advancement

    • Attending, and occasionally hosting, public events on behalf of the Faculty and the University

    Professional Activities Reports and Salary, Tenure, and Promotion Tasks

    • Assisting in the process for annual/biennial evaluation of faculty members, and in the management/operation of activities of STP Committees

    Other Duties

    • Miscellaneous duties assigned and undertaken as needed, for the efficient functioning of the Dean’s Office