Graduate Student Profiles

Anthropology Graduate Students (2005-present)

 Past Graduate Students

2019   Estanislao Pazmiño, MA - Researching on Pre-Columbian ceramic production and social inequality in the Quijos Valley, Ecuador.

2017    Hunter Guthrie, MA - Lived Realities: Climate Change, Neoliberalism, and Livelihood Strategies on the Southern Atiplano of Bolivia

2017    Lucia Stavig, MA - Feminist Assemblages: Peruvian Feminisms, Forced Sterilization, and the Paradox of Rights in Fujimori's Peru

2016    Kurt Lanno, MA - “Landscape, History, and Opposition among the Kainai.”

2016    Marco Yunga Tacura, MA- Reinventing Rituals and the Role of Music in the Process of Affirming Identity among the Amazonian Kichwa-Quijos from Napo, Ecuador.”

2015    Amy Mack, MA- “This isn’t what war is like: An Ethnographic Account of ARMA 3.”

2014    Ashley Dykin , MA- “ ‘Posterchild’: Notions of Community and Inclusion in a Rural Canadian City.”

2013    Allison Korn , MA-  “Our grandparents are buried here; our grandparents know:” Re-membering a Quijos Territory and Identity.”

2012    Thabit Alomari, MA- “Motivation and Socio-Cultural Sustainability of Voluntourism.”

2011    Brett W. Freemann, MA-   The Social Organization of Ground Stone Production, Distribution, and Consumption in the Quijos Valley, Eastern Ecuador.

2011    James R. Stanger, MA-   “Comuneros: Community and Indigeneity in Saraguro, Ecuador.”

2011    Jason Jenson, MA- “In Search of a Nobler Past: Incanismo and Community Tourism in Saraguro, Ecuador.”

2011    Jennifer Jenson, MA-  “Bringing Up Good Babies: An Ethnography of Moral Apprenticeship in Saraguro.”

2009    Tracy McNab, MA-  “Picnics, Potlucks and Cookbooks: Farm Women’s Clubs and the Livelihood of Community in Twentieth Century Southern Alberta.”