I-CYS Graduate Students Publish Special Collection



Following the inaugural I-CYS Symposium – At the Intersections of Childhood 2017: Digital, Indigenous, and Youth Issues, co-organizers Victoria Holec (PhD Student, ULethbridge, CSPT, Jan Newberry & Kim Mair) and Amy Mack (then I-CYS researcher, now PhD Student, UAlberta, Anthropology, Mark Nuttall) have now published the resulting papers in the Canadian Journal of Family and Youth.

As part of the event, scholars brought draft papers to a workshop on March 31, 2017, which were then discussed and peer reviewed for presentation to a larger student, community, and academic audience on April 1, 2017, as part of panels. During these panels, the audience had the opportunity to respond to the papers and reflect on the intersections of these issues centred on digital, Indigenous, and youth topics. Taking the feedback from the symposium, all contributors went back to work under Victoria’s and Amy’s guidance.

Following the symposium, Victoria and Amy sought out a journal which would publish this paper collection as a special issue. The Canadian Journal of Family and Youth was excited to proceed with Victoria and Amy as guest editors. What followed was a long 6 months of editing, revising, and re-revising on behalf of all contributors. Following submission to the journal in late November 2017, I-CYS is now proud and honoured to announce that the issue has been published on April 9, 2018. 

Congratulations to Victoria and Amy for all their hard work! Please see the editor’s notice here and make sure to browse the full open access issue.

Contributors include: Victoria Holec and Amy Mack, Daniela Navia, Dr. Chelsey Hauge, Dr. Erin Spring and Andrea True Joy Fox, Dr. Michelle Hogue and Dr. Joanne Forrest, Amy Mack and Dr. Jan Newberry, and Kirsten Lindquist.

Victoria and Amy wish to thank I-CYS, in particular Dr. Jan Newberry, without whose guidance and unwavering support and trust neither the symposium nor this collection would have been possible.