Graduate Research


Call for Participation


Call for University of Lethbridge student- and practicing teachers to participate in MA thesis study:

"'Parroting back what they hear:' Theorizing Young People’s Participation in Canadian Politics with Teachers educated at the University of Lethbridge."

Should young people be able to vote in Canadian elections? Should young people be allowed to vote in Canadian elections? Why or why not? If 18 years of age should remain the cut-off to participate in democracy, what is informing your opinions? For example, the media, experiences working with children in a classroom setting/raising your own, and/or your own childhood memories of disenfranchisement. Kaitlynn Weaver, an MA student at the University of Lethbridge's Institute for Child and Youth Studies, is interested in talking to educators about the political abilities and rights of young people. Educators must have completed PSI or higher, must have completed their teacher education at the U of L, and be between 18 and 30 years of age.
If you are a U of L student or practicing teacher (18 or older) who has completed PSI or higher in your Bachelor of Education program at the U of L and are interested in speaking with Kaitlynn, please contact her at The interview will take 1-1.5 hours and an opportunity for a second interview can be organized but is not required. This study has received ethics approval by the University of Lethbridge Human Subject Research Committee.

I-CYS Study Participation K Weaver Jun17.pdf