The Centre for Culture and Community includes a network of academics, community members and organizations.  The Centre is based at the University of Lethbridge, which has a main campus in Southern Alberta, not far from the Rocky Mountains.  The resources of the CCC, in the form of the social capital, and knowledge, are created each time its members come together to collaborate, synthesising expertise on the subjects of culture and community.  One of our greatest resources is the ability for members engage with one another in discussion on community and culture.  Community members thereby conceptualize, organize community-university partnerships, and share results of these collaborations through forums, workshops, and publications.  This site provides support for those connections.

One of the distribution and collaboration methods employed by the Centre is webcasting, utilizing the University's video conferencing room.  In addition, talks from the speakers series held in various places on and off campus are often recorded and made available on-line.  They appear under the Video Discussions tab in the Resources section of this site.

Member Articles:
Links to  articles produced by members of the CCC are to be found under this tab, sorted by year of release.

Found Articles:
Members can share links to found articles related to areas of interest and can topics for possible discussion at our workshops and can engage through the Centre's social media site to begin discussions that could lead to collaboration with other researchers and community stakeholders.