Access to Information

If there is a record, or records, in the custody and control of the University that you would like to request access to, that record may be available through "routine disclosure."

Routine disclosure occurs when access to a record can be granted without a request under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP), because the request is not subject to any exceptions or allowances of the Act. Routine disclosure may apply when:

  • records that are being requested belong to the requestor
  • records are general in nature (i.e. a policy)
  • records contain no personal information (i.e. a statistic)
  • records are public records (i.e. published article, report)
  • *Note: A public body can choose not to disclose a record that is already published (Section 29)

If you believe your request is for a routine disclosure, please contact the Department, Faculty, or Operational unit that has the records to which you seek access. If you are unsure if your request for records is a routine disclosure, please contact the Privacy Office for assistance.

FOIP Request

For a request to access records that are subject to the exceptions and allowances under FOIP it will be necessary for you to complete an Access to Information Request . This form is to be submitted to the Privacy Office.

After your request has been received, the Privacy Office will review it and will mail an Acknowledgement Letter to you to, as proof of receipt of your request. The letter will also advise you of the time to complete your request, and any fees that may be levied for your request to be completed.

Once the fees have been received, the Privacy Office will begin to process your request. FOIP may allow all of the requested information to be provided, or it may require some of the information to be removed or "severed" from the document before it can be released, or FOIP may not allow disclosure of any of the information. Once the process is complete, you will receive a letter by mail from the Privacy Office that will detail any exceptions applied to the records under FOIP.

If you are not satisified with the response you receive by the Privacy Office, FOIP allows you to request a review of any decision, act, or failure to act by the University that relates to the request. A request for review must be in writing and must occur within 60 days after you are notified of the University of Lethbridge's decision according to Section 66(1) and 66(2)a(i) of FOIP.


The University can charge a fee for services provided, according to Section 93 of FOIP.

If your request is for your own personal information, no fee is required, however charges do apply of the cost of producing copies exceeds $10.00.

If your request is for general information, you will be required to pay an initial fee of $25.00, and additional fees may be charged depending on the number of records requested.

Fees must be received before the Privacy Office can proceed with the request.