Private Music Lessons

Our one-on-one music lessons are available to anyone in the community. No auditions are required, and lessons are taught to students of all levels and ages from three years and up. The lessons are at Casa (230 8 St S) and are scheduled based on mututal convenience, during the day or evening. In addition to weekly lessons, we also schedule additional events and opportunities for our students.  

New students to the Conservatory are asked to complete our Music Lesson Request Form to be referred to an instructor. If you are a continuing student and already have your instructor, you do not need to complete this form.

You will be put in touch directly with your instructor by email or telephone to confirm the all the lesson details. Please note: new students are eligible for a paid trial lesson before committing. We can accept new students at any point in the term, subject to instructor availability (fees will be prorated).

Register over the phone at 403-329-2304, or contact us to make arrangements to pay in-person at the front desk.

Please be sure to leave a message if you are unable to reach us. We check our voicemail regularly, and will be sure to call you back within 1 business day!


Fee Range*
  • 30 Minute Lessons: $106 - $132 (Monthly) OR $848 - $1,056 (Lump Sum)
  • 45 Minute Lessons: $159 - $198 (MonthlyOR $1,272 - $1,584 (Lump Sum)
  • 60 Minute Lessons: $212 - $264 (Monthly) OR $1,696 - $2,112 (Lump Sum)

*Rates vary by instructor and will be confrimed in your referral email. The above lump sum ranges are based on 32 weeks of lessons over the course of September - May, but can be pro-rated for students starting late in the term. If you would like to read more about our instructors, please check our instructor directory (linked in the top menu), or click here.

Cancellation Policies


Procedures for Withdrawal

If you are unable to finish the entire academic term of lessons (September – May), you can send a cancellation request to We require 30-days written notice for withdrawal, similar to rental properties or daycares, so that our instructors have an opportunity to replace your lesson time without a loss of income. Once we receive you notice, we will proceed as follows: The instructor will be asked to confirm how many lessons will have taken place in total, to the end of the 30 days' notice (including any missed/forfeited lessons). If you have paid in full, you will be refunded to the remaining lessons. Those on our automated payment plan will be refunded any overpayment that may have occurred and no additional payments will be charged. These details will be confirmed via email before the final refund or payment.

Missed lessons - Rescheduling Policies for Private Lessons

By Student

Lessons cancelled by the student are made up at the discretion of the instructor, but in most cases, the missed lessons are forfeited. Please understand, weekly lesson times are set aside in our incredible busy studio for you at the beginning of the year. If you do not attend at your designated time, that is time that we can not fill with another student, since you will be returning the following week. If you do not want to forfeit your lesson, consider doing it online that week; your instructor can give you some options. NOTE: Our studios at Casa are now booked at capacity, so moving your lesson time is not usually an option. Please understand that there are few programs when you would be able to move your standing weekly program time (eg. ballet, hockey, gymnastics).

By Instructor

Any cancelled lesson initiated by an instructor will be made up.

Illness Policy

Students should not attend lessons or Conservatory group classes or ensembles if they are exhibiting any signs and symptoms of illness. Instructors may ask students to leave their studio or classes if they seem to pose a health risk to other students or the instructor. Signs and symptoms include: vomiting, fever, unexplained rash, coughing, runny nose, etc. Please do not attend lessons if you are feeling ill or have been recently exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.


Cancellation requests received within 2-7 working days prior to the commencement of the activity/program, are eligible for 50% of the course fees refunded (NOTE: the materials portion of registration will not be refunded due to materials needing to be ordered well in advance).

Refund requests received after the start of the group class or ensemble will be considered on an individual basis, however, in most cases, no refunds will be considered after the commencement of the class.  No Refunds can be considered after the commencement of the our day camps.