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Facilities - Grounds & Motor Vehicle Pool

Turcotte Hall - TH101
4401 University Drive
Lethbridge, Alberta T1K 3M4

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Snow and Ice Clearing

The University of Lethbridge Grounds crew works extremely hard to keep the campus cleared and safe.

During times of heavy snowfall and extreme temperatures we appreciate your patience and understanding as it may take hours or even days to accomodate the entire campus. 

Order of Priority for Snow Clearing

Priorities are defined in descending order, with the assumption that pathways and roads have equal priority and are treated concurrently.

  1. Walkways, including crosswalks
    1. The Students' Union Building Plaza (south side), North and South 1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport & Wellness (Wellness Centre) entrances, walkway to Lot E from Wellness Centre north entrance, the entrances on University Hall level 4, and the main entrance to SC (Science Commons).
    2. Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience (CCBN) clinic entrances, Anderson Hall, Turcotte Hall, Markin Hall including handicap parking stalls, the bridge and pathway from Markin Hall to SC, the walkway to University Drive from Lot E
    3. Alberta Water & Environmental Science Building (AWESB), Hepler Hall, Patterson Centre and entrances at SC
    4. Walkway from Students' Union Building to University Hall level six and University Hall north patio, the stairs from Lot I to the University hall level six north patio.
    5. Aperture Residential Park walkways
  2. Roadways and parking lots as follows:
    1. In the absolute worst weather we will endeavour to keep the bus loop by the Students' Union Building and Aperture Drive open for busses and emergency vehicles.
    2. Our next priority will be to keep access to Valley Road open for emergency vehicles.
    3. Coulee trail to the University Hall fourth level
    4. Front drive at SC
    5. Valley Ridge
    6. Driving lanes surrounding lots E, F, and G
    7. Aperture Way, Aperture Lane and Parkway Road
    8. Driving lanes surrounding Lot N
    9. Parking areas in all lots

The following document provides more detail on the snow clearing procedure: Snow Clearing