Responding to illness

Rapid Response Protocol

The Rapid Response Protocol describes actions to take for anyone with COVID-19 symptoms during or following in-person activities, or when a COVID-19 positive case is confirmed.

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Step 1: Act

  • STAY HOME and self-isolate.
  • Complete the online Alberta Health Services (AHS) COVID-19 Self-Assessment.
  • Follow AHS instructions for testing, isolation and medical care.
  • Proceed to Step 2: Contact
  • Leave campus as soon as possible, taking care not to contact others.
    • Ideally, you should use your own vehicle to return home. If not, self-isolate and arrange for transportation i.e., call friends, family or taxi, informing them of suspected COVID-19 symptoms. Ensure all wear masks and the vehicle is sanitized after use.
    • If you do not have an office or area to self-isolate while awaiting transportation, contact Security Services at 403-329-2345 and advise that you require a self-isolation room while awaiting transportation to go home.
    • Do not use public transportation (e.g., Transit bus). Contact Security Services at 403-329-2345 and request assistance with transportation if you cannot get safely home.
  • Complete the AHS COVID-19 Self-Assessment.
  • Follow AHS instructions for testing, isolation and medical care. 
  • If an ill person develops severe symptoms and is in medical distress, call 911 and inform of possible COVID-19 infection and symptoms. Then call Security Services 403-329-2345 (campus first aid responders). DO NOT GO TO ANY MEDICAL CLINIC (including on-campus Health Centre) for care.
  • Proceed to Step 2: Contact
  • Follow AHS instructions for additional testing, isolation and medical care. 
  • Submit your test result in the uLethbridge Safe app.
  • Proceed to Step 2: Contact



Step 2: Contact

** All staff and students must ensure positive test results are uploaded to the app

  • Faculty & staff: Notify your supervisor
  • Students: Notify your instructors that you will be absent from class
  • Residence students: Contact Housing Services at 403-329-2584 Mon-Fri from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm; after- hours and weekends call the Residence Assistant On-Duty (facility specific) who will provide direction on procedures to follow.

What's next?

Follow-up actions will be initiated by appropriate University personnel

Supervisors/Instructors/Housing Services/SRS/Athletics Personnel

You must do the following when notified that a worker or student reports experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or has received a positive rapid antigen or PCR test:

  • If the ill person was in an shared workspace and the area requires cleaning submit an online Facilities Work Request for Caretaking to clean/disinfect affected work areas. After hours, contact Security Services at (403) 329-2345 and request that they contact Caretaking Services to clean/disinfect the affected areas.
  • This is not required for classrooms since these are thoroughly cleaned/disinfected by Caretaking daily as part of the enhanced COVID-19 cleaning procedures. 
  • You may be contacted by Campus Safety to provide relevant information. If possible, identify close contacts and provide this information when requested. 
  • Instruct student or employee to upload the positive COVID-19 test in the uLethbridge Safe app.  Supervisor will submit an online Safety Report when a positive COVID-19  test result is received by a student or employee and you are unsure if the positive test has been uploaded to the app. 
  • Instructors and managers are not required to provide notification to close contacts and must follow the directions contained in this Rapid Response Protocol. Instructors and managers are responsible to ensure the privacy of their students and staff. 
  • Campus safety staff will follow-up with positive cases and will take appropriate action.
  • Students, faculty and staff who learn they are COVID-19 positive are encouraged to inform their close contacts as appropriate.


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