Events on campus

Last updated: July 12, 2021 at 11:41am

Current Event Severity Scale status: HIGH

July 1 – August 31, 2021: Events may be permitted with restriction. Approval must be obtained through the Assessment and Support Form.

September 1 onward: Events shall proceed with normal approval through your supervisor. All events still must register through the Assessment and Support Form.  This ensures institutional awareness of all activities taking place in case of changes to public health restrictions or institutional guidelines.


Anyone planning to host a virtual, in-person or hybrid event is asked to complete the Campus Events Assessment and Support Form:

Campus Events Assessment and Support Form

If you have any questions please connect with


Event toolkit

This toolkit includes information, checklists, and other resources to help event organizers on campus. For events requiring approval please refer to the approval process that serves as a guideline during COVID.

Meetings and events guidelines during Covid-19

When approvals are required

All meetings and events must be pre-approved if they occur when the uLethbridge Severity Scale rating is "high" or "moderate", and they either:

  • Occur in a space not covered by the meeting organizer’s Return to Work Health and Safety Plan. This process applies regardless of where the meeting occurs. uLethbridge meetings and sanctioned activities held outdoors or off campus must still comply with the uLethbridge working on campus standards and follow the Event Support and Assessment Form process.
  • Include individuals that fall under multiple unit-specific Return to Work Health and Safety Plans- the meeting/event brings together individuals from multiple campus units that do not fall under a single uLethbridge COVID-19 Return to Work Health and Safety Plan or includes people external to the University.


When approvals are not required

Meetings among individuals that are in the same reporting unit (or in different units but under a single uLethbridge COVID-19 Return to Work Health and Safety Plan), and a Health and Safety Plan is in place for the meeting room space, must adhere to that existing Health and Safety Plan but do not need to go through the approval process outlined here.

Physical distancing requirements (2m or 6 ft of space per individual in a room) greatly limit the ability to hold in-person meetings or events.


Approval process

There are processes in place for teaching and research approvals. Requests for in-person meetings or events therefore should NOT include classes, informal tutorials, seminars, study groups, or lab/research groups.

Approvals will normally flow through reporting relationships:

  • Academic meetings (department meetings, faculty searches) will flow through Chairs/Directors and Deans
  • Thesis defenses will flow through Graduate Studies
  • Student club meetings or events will follow the current GSA or ULSU student-led event approval process. If events are on-campus, they may flow through the event process model
  • Other meetings organized by internal participants will flow through departmental reports


Meeting size

Most rooms have low occupancy numbers when the 2m/6ft of space per participant is followed. Room capacities must be strictly followed.

The ability to host events remains fluid as the Covid-19 pandemic continues. AHS-Public Health allowable numbers for gathering should always be referred to and considered in-line with where the indicator for the uLethbridge Events Severity Scale during Covid-19 is situated. This may mean that participant numbers, and available room capacities are much lower than desired.


Meetings and events guidelines during Covid-19