About the VP Finance and Administration Office


Position Summary

Reporting directly to the President, the Vice-President (Finance and Administration) is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the University of Lethbridge. Working with the VP Academic, VP of Research and VP of Advancement, the VP Finance and Administration plays an integral role in the achievement of the University of Lethbridge vision by overseeing the provision of responsive and accessible institutional services.

Specific Responsibilities

Without restricting the generality of the above statement and in accordance with Article 82(2) of the Post-Secondary Learning Act, the Vice–President (Finance and Administration) has the following powers, duties and functions as assigned by the Board of Governors on the recommendation of the President:

i. Collaborates with the President and works with members of President’s Executive to ensure that the business and operations of the University are aligned with the University Mandate Statement and the priorities identified within the University Strategic Plan;

ii. As Chief Financial Officer for the University, ensures the current and long-term effectiveness of all financial functions of the University including: accounting; asset and debt management; financial statements; insurance; risk and safety management; operating and capital budgeting; University payments; administrative information systems, supply management chain; and audit;

iii. Oversees the development of financial, human resource and administrative systems with comprehensive policies and procedures that function in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and provide efficient services to the University community;

iv. Oversees the preparation, management and monitoring of the consolidated University's operating and capital budgets;

v. In collaboration with the senior administrative team maintains good working relationships with the provincial government to sustain the overall efficacy of the University;

vi. Working with the senior administrative team, administers risk identification and management, proactively assesses enterprise-wide risk in the University’s financial and administrative policies, processes and procedures. Oversees the development and maintenance of university-wide administrative policies and procedures;

vii. Is the chief conduit for the external auditor and supports the provision of independent, objective internal auditing services designed to add value and improve University operations;

viii. Ensures the University Community has a safe place to disclose suspected fraudulent, irregular, discriminatory or harassing activities. Where appropriate, supports the investigation/ examination of suspect activities;

ix. Provides leadership in the area of pension and benefit design, maintenance and administration for all staff categories. Acts as the Board of Governors' sponsor representative for the Universities Academic Pension Plan (UAPP);

x. As the Vice-President with the primary responsibility for non-academic human resources, oversees all matters with respect to non-academic affairs, including contract management and negotiations;

xi. Co-leads (with the Provost) all deliberations about, and the administration of, the collective agreements with the University of Lethbridge Faculty Association and the Graduate Students' Association;

xii. Assists the President and the senior administrative team in the University’s external relations, fund-raising, and ceremonial activities;

xiii. Plays an active role in the local, provincial, and national government relations program, works with other members of the leadership team to identify key policy and funding issues of strategic importance to the University;

xiv. Ensures institutional, financial and human resource reporting capabilities that provide timely and relevant information for management decision-making across campus;

xv. Provides guidance and direction to the University on issues related to its impact on the environment and the health and safety of the University community;

xvi. Creates an atmosphere within his/her portfolio which motivates staff members to contribute to the financial stability, human resource achievements and administrative excellence of the institution;

xvii. Builds a senior team within his/her portfolio committed to fulfilling the vision, goals and priorities necessary to ensure the long-term success of the portfolio and the University;

xviii. Participates as an active member of the President’s Executive team to establish institutional vision and goals, and to effectively communicate and organize to achieve those goals;

xix. Maintains a professional reputation which preserves the values and standing of the University and permits him or her to effectively represent the many achievements of the University both internally and externally;

xx. As a member of senior administration and as directed by the President, provides support to the Board of Governors and its committees in the fulfillment of its governance responsibilities;

xxi. Is a visible presence and plays a leadership role in the community of Lethbridge, serving as an active ambassador for the University;

xxii. Encourages open and consultative dialogue on University plans, within and outside of the University;

xxiii. Is a strong advocate for partnerships for the University;

xxiv. Chairs Executive Directors' Council; and

xxv. Carries out other responsibilities as set out in policies and procedures approved by General Faculties Council (GFC) and/or the Board of Governors.