Trainees: Students and Postdocs

Current Graduate Students:

  • Ashley Henrickson, MA History (Kristine Alexander): “'Write often for it is terrible lonely': Relationships between young people from the Canadian Prairies and their fathers or brothers who served in the Great War (1914-1918)"
  • Victoria Holec, PhD Cultural, Social, and Political Thought (Kim Mair, Jan Newberry): "Who are the Millennials? Exploring the constructions and performances of 'Millennial' as categories of analysis and practice." 
  • Jonathan Jarrett, PhD Evolution & Behaviour (Louise Barrett): "Vervet Monkey Development in Life Historical Perspective."
  • Anne Jones, PhD Evolution & Behaviour (Louise Barrett): "Understanding Pre-school Behaviour Through and Ecological Approach."
  • Peter Millman, MA History (Heidi McDonald): 
  • Elsa Perry, PhD Cultural, Social, and Political Thought (Kevin McGeough, Jan Newberry): "Archaeology Missed the Point: Re-defining the Role of Archaeology in Alberta, Canada, and the Potential Value for Inclusive Pedagogical Outreach."
  • Elaine Toth, MA History (Amy Shaw): 
  • Kaitlynn Weaver, MA Cultural, Social, and Political Thought (Kristine Alexander): “'Keep your head down and go with the flow': How Student- and Practicing Teachers Perpetuate, Challenge, and are Subject to Normative Assumptions about Childhood Agency"

Past Postdoctoral Fellows:

  • Dr. Erin Spring, PhD. Postdoctoral Fellow 2014-2017 (Kristine Alexander, Jan Newberry): “The Blackfoot Adolescent Reading Project.” Dr. Spring is currently an Assistant Professor in the University of Calgary's Werklund School of Education (sine July 2017). 

Past Graduate Students:

  • Dan Konecny, MA (2017): " Risk, Discourse & the Production of Adolescence within Parenting Guides."
  • Amy Mack, MA Anthropology (Jan Newberry, 2015): ""This Isn't What War Is Like": An Ethnographic Account of Arma3" Amy has gone on to do a PhD in Anthropology at the University of Alberta. Her working dissertation title is: "Coming of Age in the Digital Divide: Youth, Technology, & Resilience in the Canadian North"
  • Shahina Parvin, MA:  "Like Us, Secure Your Opportunity of Having a Child:  The Discourse of Arts in Bangladesh."
  • Deanna Forrester, MA: “The Value of Children: Alloparenting in Samoa, a Natural Fertility Population.”
  • Shaneen Fox, MA: "Violence and Silence: Blackfeet women and girls' experiences of residential schooling, 1940-1990."
  • Jess Parker, MA: "Reproductive Decisions and Trade-Offs in Humans."

I-CYS Graduate Assistants


  • Ashley Henrickson, MA Student, History
  • Elsa Perry, PhD Student, Cultural, Social, and Political Thought
  • Victoria Holec, PhD Student, Cultural, Social, and Political Thought
  • Kaitlynn Weaver, MA Student, Cultural, Social, and Political Thought


  • Ashley Henrickson, MA Student, History
  • Victoria Holec, PhD Student, Cultural, Social, and Political Thought
  • Amy Mack, MA graduate, Anthropology (Raising Spirit Project Lead Researcher/Project Manager) 
  • Elaine Toth, MA Student, History
  • Kaitlynn Weaver, MA Student, Cultural, Social, and Political Thought


  • Elaine Toth, MA student, History
  • Shahina Parvin, MA student, Sociology
  • Amy Mack, MA graduate, Anthropology


  • Jillian King, MA student, Anthropology

Student research projects supervised by I-CYS researchers:

  • Jamie Lewis, co-op term with Dr. Jan Newberry. Jamie worked on the Raising Spirit Project (2017). View Jamie's video here:
  • Jamie Lewis, Retention Squared Research Project (2016-2017): "An Ethnographic Study of Hidden Classroom Hierarchies" and "Applied Anthropological Research Skills and Data Analysis" Jan Newberry and Jeff Meadows, co-supervisors.
  • Jillian King, “Child Immunization and Parental Choice: Safety Concerns and Risk Perception Among Canadian Parents and Practitioners,” Cheryl Currie & Steve Ferzacca, co-supervisors.
  • Erica Graham, “When It Falls Apart: Lessons in Cross Cultural Collaboration in Anthropology,” Jan Newberry, supervisor.
  • Karissa Patton, “Community, Contraception, and Controversy: A History of the Lethbridge Birth Control and Information Centre in the 1970s,” Carol Williams and Janay Nugent, co-supervisors. Jennifer Jenson, “Bringing up Good Babies: An Ethnography of Moral Apprenticeship in Saraguro,” Louise Barrett and Jan Newberry, co-supervisors.
  • Élyane Lacasse, “Early Intervention in the Context of Opokaa'sin: Relations of Power and Understandings of Childhood within the Local Aboriginal Community of Lethbridge,” Jan Newberry, supervisor.
  • Laura Richardson, “Local Aboriginal Perceptions on Childhood and Ideas of ‘Success’ within an Early Childhood Intervention Setting,” Jan Newberry, supervisor.
  • Dustin Grue, “School Story Traditions and Develoments,” Elizabeth Galway, supervisor.