Dr. Elizabeth Galway

Associate Professor of English

Elizabeth Galway teaches courses on children's literature, nineteenth-century literature, and early Canadian literature.  She is the author of From Nursery Rhymes to Nationhood: Children's Literature and the Construction of Canadian Identity (Routledge, 2008), in which she examines the role of Anglophone children's literature in shaping notions of Canadian national identity from Confederation to the first decade of the twentieth century.  She is currently writing a monograph on British, Canadian, and American children's literature from the First World War, and is particularly interested in how this material constructs notions of gender, nationhood, and childhood itself.  Other research interests include the figure of the child in nineteenth-century literature for adults, representations of the Ancient World in children's literature, northern Canadian childhoods, and interwar children's literature (particularly that by Arthur Ransome).

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