Canadian Centre for Research in Advanced Fluorine Technologies

The Canadian Centre for Research in Advanced Fluorine Technologies (C-CRAFT) is the first Canadian centre that focusses research and training on the element fluorine. Fluorine is a unique element because of its reactivity in the elemental form and the large number of applications of fluorine compounds. For example, it has been estimated that 20 % of pharmaceuticals on the market contain fluorine and 30 to 40 % of agrochemicals contain fluorine. C-CRAFT brings together local teams with wide ranges of expertise in the chemistry of the element fluorine.


Members of C-CRAFT consider training students to be an integral part of their research activities and spend considerable time providing optimal training. Undergraduate and graduate students, as well as postdoctoral fellows, are part of all research groups. As part of C-CRAFT, undergraduate students can perform cutting-edge research as early as their first year of study, benefiting from a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative training environment. The training philosophy of all C-CRAFT members includes hands-on training on cutting-edge instrumentation for all levels of trainees.

All members are looking for undergraduate and graduate students.


The first centre of its kind in Canada, the University of Lethbridge’s Canadian Centre for Research in Advanced Fluorine Technologies (C-CRAFT), presents a Symposium Celebrating NMR Spectroscopy and Fluorine Chemistry, Friday, December 5, from 1 to 5 p.m. at the U of L.

A new initiative to advance the science of fluorine chemistry will make the University of Lethbridge Canada’s leading institution for studying and developing useful applications for this reactive element.