Shining New Light

The path to new knowledge is as varied and complex as the human mind. The University of Lethbridge is committed to understanding the interactions between disciplines, discovering new solutions to perplexing problems and enabling positive change. 


We seek to understand the human and natural world and the universe beyond, with an aim to bring knowledge and wisdom to bear on sustaining and improving quality of life, society and the environment. Our superior teaching is informed by our superior research, and our undergraduate and graduate students play an active role in the investigative and creative process. We are committed to preparing the next generation of highly qualified researchers and practitioners who will lead the way in a knowledge-driven future. 

Your support enables our faculty and students to bring new light to problems and possibilities, empowering a new generation of leaders to build a better world.



Prairie plants throughout southern Alberta may contain chemical properties that can be used in medicine, even to fight diseases such as cancer. Working with First Nations communities, University of Lethbridge biological sciences professor Dr. Roy Golsteyn and his research team, including undergraduate and graduate students, are investigating how prairie plants and their chemical properties may contribute to future medical treatments. Their work received support from Power Corporation of Canada and Canada Life in 2020.


Finding Cancer Treatments in Prairie Plants



Researchers in the University of Lethbridge Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience are working together to shine new light on Alzheimer's disease.

Lighting the Way: Alzheimer's Research at the University of Lethbridge