About Native Paradigm

Native Paradigm refers to the way reality is viewed from a Native American perspective and also refers to the language used to express that view. Since colonization, Native Paradigm/worldview has been fractured. In their committed and dedicated effort to reunite students with Indigenous identity and culture within an academic setting, Blackfoot scholars, Dr. Leroy Little Bear and his life partner Amethyst First Rider, have developed Native Paradigm to articulate key components of Indigenous worldview.

Native Paradigm is way of being that encompasses both conscious and unconscious infrastructures and is based upon generations of observations, collected wisdom, and relationships with the natural world. The intention imbedded within the practices of Native Paradigm is to create an enduring harmonious relationship with oneself, community, and the cosmos no matter which indigenous community you come from. In addition, the paradigm plants the seeds of decolonization by inspiring students to share the knowledge of Indigenous Storytellers, Elders, Artists and Scientists acknowledging the inherent right to practice and articulate the wisdom of our ancestors.